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This website is run by MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. Please read the conditions noted below prior to using the website, and only use it if you agree with the conditions. Please understand that if you use this website, it will be deemed that you have agreed to all of the conditions below. The terms of use of the MINEBEAMITSMI website are subject to change as necessary.


  1. When publishing information on this website, MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. does its utmost to ensure the information is accurate. However, in the event that the information is erroneous, MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. shall bear no responsibility whatsoever. MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. shall also bear no responsibility whatsoever for problems, losses, or damage that occur as a result of using this website, including problems caused by the tampering with or downloading of data or other such actions by third parties and damage resulting from the suspension or halt of operation of this website, etc.
  2. Except where legally required to do so, MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. shall be under no obligation to publish modified versions of the forecasts on this website in light of new information and future events.

2.Links from the MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. website

This website contains links to websites owned and run by third parties. Please note that such links are only provided for your convenience, and MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. neither guarantees nor takes any responsibility for the content of the websites linked to.

3.Links to the MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. website

When linking to this website, please pay attention to the following. MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. does not permit linking from websites with commercial objectives or websites that run contrary to public order and morals.

  1. Please use the URL (top page)  ( when linking to the MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. website
  2. When linking to this website, please note the company name as MINEBEA CONNECT Inc.

4.Copyrights, trademarks, etc.

Copyrights, trademark rights, and all other intellectual property rights for content on this website (text, photographs, images, etc.) belong to MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. or other rights holders. MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. does not grant the right to use this intellectual property simply by publishing it on this website. Except in cases where permitted by the Copyright Act or other laws, the use of this intellectual property (including copying, altering, posting, sending, distributing, etc.) by users without the prior permission of MINEBEA CONNECT Inc. is prohibited.

5.Laws complied with/legal jurisdiction

Use of this website shall comply with the laws of Japan. The Tokyo District Court shall be the court of first instance for any dispute related to this website.

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