1. 4.4mm Pitch, 0.3sq (Ins. Dia Φ1.3~1.6), 1.25sq (Ins. Dia. Φ2.1~2.7) supported.
  2. Supports rated current at 7A (max.), which enable to used as a power supply circuit.

  3. Adopts IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector). Wire crimping are needless when connecting to existing wires, easy to branch wires.

  4. Waterproof performance JIS C 0920 IP67 compliant. Waterproof design with none Crimping wires nor Retainer installation.​

  5. Highly reliable contact design in 2-contact points.

  6. Durable lock design, applied on both sides of Connector.

Outer Dimensions

Parts and Materials

Improves circuit flexibility, IDC Waterproof Branch Connector

Design are considered for workability on "Insulation Displacement"

Product specifications

Connector Type

Wire to Wire Connector Horizontal (3 Way branch)

Wire installation

IDC (Insulation Displacement Connector)


4 pins



Applied wire

0.3sq   (Ins. Dia. Φ1.3~1.6)

1.25sq (Ins. Dia. Φ2.1~2.7)

Rated voltage


Rated Current【When using 0.3sq】

Total 6A MAX

Rated Current【When using 1.25sq】

Total 9A MAX

Withstand voltage

AC1,000V r.m.s/min

Contact resistance (initial)

Below 15mΩ

Insulation resistance

Over 1000MΩ

Temperature range

(including temp. rise value when energized)




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