1. 2.0mm pitch, AESSX0.5sq ( Ins. Dia.φ1.7mm MAX.) applied and World's smallest.
  2. Adoption of DIP Type mounting metal at KA12 Series assures firm solder mounting.
  3. Terminal design with high contact reliability.
  4. High heat resistance. (Temp. range 125 ℃ supported)

  5. Adoption of "Inertial Lock" design. (KA12 Series, half mating prevention)

  6. "Lock Guard" design adopted for lock protection. (Prevent from accidental operation)
  7. Adoption of "Side-Retainer" enables double locking system.

    (Secures Terminal retention force and prevention of half insertion at Terminal)

 Outer Dimensions

Parts and Materials

Main Functions

Example of use

Product Specifications

PCB mounting

Poles 24 pins
Pitch 2.0mm
TAB size 025 size

Applied wire

0.2~0.5sq (Ins. Dia.Φ 1.7 MAX)

Rated voltage

AC100V r.m.s

Rated Current


Withstand voltage

AC1,000V r.m.s/min 

Contact resistance (initial)

Below 5mΩ

Insulation resistance

Over 100MΩ

Temperature range (including temp. rise
value when energized)


Automobile Standards

JASO standard compliant
RoHS2 Supported

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